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    Industrial Cleaning

    The major objectives of outsourcing of cleaning services for industries are quality asepsis itself, cost reduction and productivity, in that it allows the company to concentrate on core activities of your industry. A limpeza technique provides, also, preservation of the property, contributing significantly to the extension of useful life of assets such as furniture, equipment and utensils, In addition to physical facilities (paintings, floors, etc.).

    Our work in industries also involves cleaning large variety of equipment, so as to prevent costly machine stoppages. Among the specialized services in this area highlight:

    • Cleaning cookers
    • Cleaning systems coolers blast furnaces
    • Descarepamento
    • Exchanger cleaning and ingot molds
    • Cleaning the hulls of ships
    • Removal of sludge and other waste
    • Removal of crude
    • Cleaning Cold Stores
    • Clean fermenting tanks
    • Clean concrete cutting
    • Surface Treatment and pecking
    • Turbines and pipe cleaning
    • Clean drums, filtros and crivos
    • Cleaning and digging of industrial floors
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